You are probably wondering why Apam, Ghana?

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In 2001, Grace and Seth Quartey traveled to Apam, Ghana to visit Grace’s grandmother. Even though they are both native Ghanaians, the Quarteys were unprepared for the poverty and disease that surrounded them, permeating the air, leaving its indelible mark upon all facets of life in Apam. When the Quarteys left Ghana to return to Pennsylvania, they resolved to improve the lives of the 22,000 children, women, and men who live in Apam, and other parts of rural Ghana.

Grace and Seth realized quickly that all of the components – medical, educational, sanitary, agricultural, industrial – must be present in order to produce lasting change.

You might think that their busy accounting and medical practices, and the physical distance between Ghana and Central Pennsylvania would weaken the Quarteys’ resolve. With the support and encouragement of many, the Quarteys founded Building Solid Foundations, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to create an environment that allows Apam to become a model town in Ghana.

Accountant and business owner Grace Quartey enjoys strong community ties in Apam and has devoted numerous hours to establishing a fruitful partnership between Building Solid Foundations’ volunteers and the residents of Apam. Volunteers and Board Members from the United States work tirelessly to strengthen and forge new partnerships in Apam.

The hand up offered to Apam by Building Solid Foundations provides the skills and tools that the people of Apam desperately need in order to transform their town into a model for similar towns in Ghana.

You will probably agree that the Quartey’s and Building Solid Foundations’ idea of a model town is the kind of town that we take for granted – a town where residents have access to clean water, great healthcare, sanitation facilities, a strong education system and a thriving agricultural industry.

With your help, Apam will become a town like your town.