Visit Ghana

IMG_7758Are you intrigued by the idea of a one or two-week humanitarian trip to Ghana but believe that you need to have a special skill or talent in order to make a difference in Apam? Not so. Your desire to help others help themselves is your most valuable talent and the one trait that you and other Building Solid Foundation volunteers share. 

All volunteers traveling to Apam pay their own transportation costs and expenses. Contact us to learn about typical costs and travel requirements for your trip. 

You can share your interests, energy, and skills with others who are traveling to Apam. The list below describes some of the projects undertaken by volunteers in the recent past. Not all of these projects are on-going. Call or email us to find out the types of projects that are in the works now.

  • At the Apam High School  –  Years of normal wear and tear and the impact of the local climate, combined with a stretched-thin budget resulted in science laboratory classrooms that lack equipment, demonstration areas and adequate storage. We are working with the Alumni Association to raise funds for renovations, and to gather/purchase appropriate equipment to  support  the Biology and Physics laboratory classrooms.
  • A special interest in gardening led volunteers to join forces with Apam’s farmers and gardeners to create an agriculture curriculum for the high school and to plant sustainable raised bed gardens. If you have a special interest or skill that you would like to share, call or email us. We would love to brainstorm ways to put your skills to work in Apam.
  • In ice making and fish processing – carpenters, trades people, mechanical engineers, and laborers have partnered with Apam’s citizens to transform fishing into the area’s primary industry.
  • In the hospital – surgeons, nurses, and technicians are performing life-changing surgeries. Other volunteers sort and stock medical and laboratory supplies.
  • In the village – sanitation and water team members, whether engineers or lay people, work with Apam’s citizens to bring clean water and improved sanitation to the region.

Please consider joining us and the people of Apam to make dreams of education, sanitation, jobs, and self-sufficiency come true. Together we can make Apam a model town for Ghana and the world.