The shipping container is loaded and headed to Ghana!

Thank you… thank you to everyone who donated, asked for donations, shopped for food, and delivered, sorted, and packed everything into the shipping container. It is on its way to Ghana and will be delivered to Apam just before our volunteers arrive on September 3.

Special thanks to former Board Chair, Steve Shellenberger and S&H Express for buying food for our volunteers, lending us employees, and making warehouse and trailer storage space available.  This is the tenth year that Steve has helped Building Solid Foundations and the wonderful people of Apam, Ghana. We are eternally grateful for his leadership and generosity.

Thank you current and former board members, committee members, friends from Aldersgate United Methodist Church and their friends for strategizing, organizing and loading everything into the shipping container. You guys are amazing and we are humbled by your energy and good will.

Thank you also to everyone who donated items including Wellspan, Pepsi, Clinton Industries, Harriet Knight, Rosie and Dennis Johnson and friends, members of the Nextdoor Elmwood email listserve, Hollie’s friends from Mah Jongg, numerous York and Lancaster County  schools, Grace and Seth’s friends, and the many generous people who responded to our newsletter mailing. You make it possible!  We couldn’t do it without you!

Thursday, June 1, 2017 at the S&H Express warehouse.