Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in rural Ghana by working in partnerships with Ghanaians to build capacity and self-sufficiency in the areas of water, sanitation, health, education, and economic development.

Fortunately, people like Dr. Seth and Grace Quartey and our committed Board of Directors decided that the dire situation in Apam, Ghana, calls for action. Because of the extreme need they found in Apam, they created Building Solid Foundations, a nonprofit organization that is working to change the face of this rural community in Ghana.

Join with us as we improve the lives of the thousands of people in Ghana who face death and disease, poverty and illiteracy.

Together we can change the future.

Development Principles

1. Development starts with these basics:
An adequate water supply
Working sanitation systems
Quality medical and educational systems
Sound plans for economic development

2. All projects include Ghanaians as equal partners with an emphasis on Ghanaian self- sufficiency and sustainability.

3. BSF is in Ghana to learn as well as to teach