Many goals met….more can be accomplished with your gift.

teachersSince Building Solid Foundations’ founding in 2003, people like you have collected almost 25,000 books, donated more than $325,000 in cash and medical and educational equipment, and packed that donated equipment for shipping. Others have traveled to Ghana during one and two-week working trips. Good stewardship of donated time and money has produced the following:

  • People in Apam are receiving reconstructive and life-saving surgeries that they would otherwise not receive. Your support makes it possible for Building Solid Foundations’ medical teams to continue to perform these life-changing surgeries.
  • Children, adults, and families suffering from malaria, parasitic diseases, tuberculosis, and AIDS are receiving treatment. But, we aren’t stopping there. With your help we will greatly improve sanitation in and around the local hospital and school in order to reduce the breeding grounds for bacteria. By providing more than treatment, by reducing the source of bacteria, the incidence of infection declines, individuals’ disease resistance improves, nutrition improves, absences from work and school, and early deaths become more infrequent.
  • Master gardeners, agronomists, and casual gardeners have created a agriculture curriculum for Senior High School students and those students have the opportunity to learn about raised-bed vegetable gardening by tending gardens at the school. Your partnership with Building Solid Foundations will positively affect Apam’s quest for self-sufficiency.
  • Children who attend four Primary Schools in Apam now have school libraries stocked with age-appropriate, culturally sensitive books to explore. They can swing, slide, and climb on the area’s very first playground. These children will grow and thrive with your care.
  • Renovation and modernization of the Apam Hospital laboratory is underway thanks to a generous memorial gift. Your gift will keep laboratory equipment in good repair and stocked with supplies that will support earlier, more accurate diagnoses and faster onset of life-saving treatment.

There is so much more that can be done…that must be accomplished.