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Our 2016 Trip to Apam

October, 2016. Dr. Marsha Bornt led a talented and energetic team of Medical, Surgical, and Education volunteers during a two-week trip to Apam. The Medical team worked tirelessly seeing patients mornings and afternoons and managed to fit in two off-campus free diabetes and hypertension-screening clinics. One hundred and forty-nine surgeries were completed in spite of erratic electricity and scant supplies. The Education team volunteers established a relationship with new district leadership overseeing all schools in Apam and began planning for 2017. Somehow, we also managed to fit in a sightseeing trip to Elmina Castle, the Rainforest Canopy Walk and an overnight stay at the Blue Diamond Resort. The 2017 trip will likely take place sometime in November 2017. We are looking at ways to provide care for three weeks next year. Please watch this space for details or check us out on Facebook!dsc_0255


2016 Trip Interest Meeting Scheduled

Volunteers interested in traveling to Apam, Ghana are invited to attend an organizational meeting, which will be held at 4:00 pm on Sunday, June 5 at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. The Church is located at 397 Tyler Run Road, York, PA 17403.

This meeting is intended to provide a forum for discussion about travel requirements for the trip, which will depart the U.S. on September 17 and return to the U.S. on October 1. There will  be ample time at the meeting to talk with volunteers who have already traveled to Apam with Building Solid Foundations.

Additional information is available by emailing

Activities for the period July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

The annual trip to Apam, Ghana scheduled for September 2014 was cancelled due to concerns surrounding the outbreak of Ebola in neighboring African countries. Materials collected or purchased and held in storage for use during the cancelled trip were shipped to Apam and distributed by Apam Hospital personnel according to detailed instructions from Building Solid Foundations volunteers. These distributions were confirmed by Building Solid Foundations volunteers through a series of phone calls and emails.

In lieu of the annual trip, volunteers planned and prepared for the September 19, 2015 through October 2, 2015 humanitarian trip to Apam. some of that work included

1. Collection and purchase of books and other classroom supplies and equipment planned for distribution in elementary and middle schools in Apam, Ghana.

2. Fundraising to purchase equipment and supplies used at  Apam Catholic Hospital.

3. Planning/coordinating renovation and refurbishment of the Apam Catholic Hospital Laboratory.

4. Working with Worldwide Laboratories to identify appropriate and needed equipment and coordinating installation and training of laboratory personnel.

5. Continuing collaboration with Rotary international on several waste-water treatment projects at schools in and near Apam.

Building Solid Foundations continues to explore several economic development projects that would bring much-needed job opportunities to the town of Apam and the surrounding area.

Thank you to all donors and volunteers. Your financial contribution and your gifts of time and talents make progress possible in Apam!

Next trip to Ghana: Sept. 17 – 30, 2016

The fall 2016 trip to Ghana is scheduled for September 17 through September 30. Mark your calendars and watch this space for important meeting dates and deadlines.

Wondering what kinds of work our volunteers will do while they are in Apam? Here’s a look at our 2015 trip:



Trevor King Memorial Lab Dedication

A chance meeting in a busy airport means that sick people in Apam now have access to more accurate testing and faster diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening illnesses than ever before.

Doris King was intrigued by the group of women and men wearing colorful BSF and Aldersgate mission polo shirts waiting to board a plane to Accra in September 2012. During their pre-flight conversations, our volunteers explained their relationship with the people of Apam and the work they would carry out during their two-week stay. Doris promised to visit Apam during one of her many trips to Ghana as she continued to run the family business founded by her late husband, Trevor.

Visits to Apam and York, and many phone calls between Doris and Building Solid Foundations’ founder and executive director, Grace Quartey, resulted in the dedication of the Trevor King Memorial Laboratory at the Apam Catholic Hospital on September 25.  Of the event, Doris King said that it was “A very memorable time for all of us—a tribute to Trevor that will impact many in his beloved Ghana and our family is forever touched and grateful for the privilege.”

Now, people coming to the hospital for care are able to undergo quicker, more accurate diagnostic testing. The new equipment means that patients don’t need to find transportation to the next closest hospital – almost two hours away – for routine testing.

Thanks to the family who loved him dearly, the beautiful renovations and new diagnostic equipment at the Apam Hospital are a moving memorial to Trevor King, a man with a huge heart. A man who loved Ghana.

ribbon cutting
The ribbon cutting.
Greg Sweitzer installing 001
Installing cabinetry in the laboratory.
Installation team 015
The installation team.




Trip Information Meeting May 10, 2015

If you are interested in traveling to Apam, Ghana as part of Building Solid Foundations September 19, 2015 through October 2, 2015 humanitarian trip, please plan to attend the May 10, 2015 trip information meeting, which will be held at 4:00pm at Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 397 Tyler Run Road, York, PA 17403.
At that meeting you will learn about passport and other travel requirements and immunizations. You will also learn about the projects that our volunteers currently have underway in Apam and meet other volunteers – some of whom have travelled to Ghana with Building Solid Foundations many times, and some who will be travelling with us for the first time.
This is a great time to meet the leaders of the Medical and Surgical, Education, Agriculture, Construction and Sanitation Teams.
Please rsvp your attendance by emailing Thank you.

Travel with us to Ghana!

If you are looking for a life-changing experience, please mark your calendar and plan to join Building Solid Foundations’ volunteers who are traveling to Apam, Ghana on September 19, 2015.
Volunteers will return to the United States on October 2, 2015.
Teens and adults may volunteer. Work undertaken will include construction on sanitation and hygiene projects, educational activities for elementary and middle school students and teachers, vegetable gardening, medical, and surgical.
An information session will be held prior to the trip. Check back frequently for the date and location of this session and for immunization information.
For additional information, please contact Hollie Walkley at 717 718-5751 or

Annual Report of Activities June 30, 2014

Building Solid Foundations conducts one two-week trip to Apam, Ghana each year beginning in late September and returning in early October. On average, twenty team members travel to Apam to dispense medical/surgical care, and to carry out educational, agricultural, sanitation and construction projects. Smaller teams of volunteers travel to Apam at other times of the year as needed.
The regularly scheduled trip was held September 22, 2013 through October 4, 2013. Twenty-nine volunteers participated in the trip. Fifteen volunteers provided medical/surgical care, nine worked with local elementary and middle schools, two- and-one-half demonstrated vegetable gardening/composting techniques, and two-and-one-half people were responsible for construction work.
Other work conducted by Building Solid Foundations during the period July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 consisted of preparation for the September 19, 2015 through October 2, 2015 humanitarian trip to Apam. Some of that work includes:
1. Collection of books and education supplies for distribution in elementary and middle schools in Apam, Ghana in September 2015.
2. Creation of hand-washing and hygiene curriculum to be used at elementary and middle schools in Apam, Ghana in September 2015.
3. Fundraising to purchase equipment and supplies used at the renovated/refurbished Apam Catholic Hospital.
4. Planning/coordinating refurbishing of the Apam Catholic Hospital Laboratory.
5. Collaborating with Rotary International on several waste-water treatment projects at schools in and near Apam.

Building Solid Foundations is also exploring several economic development projects that would bring much-needed job opportunities to the town of Apam and the surrounding area.

Thank you to all donors and volunteers. Your financial contribution and your gift of time and talents make progress in Apam, Ghana possible.

Announcing Strategic Plan

The Building Solid Foundations (BSF) Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new, forward-thinking strategic plan that honors the organization’s history and achievements while fortifying BSF’s future.

In order to undertake the strategic planning process, the board members completed an extensive survey and participated in two facilitated planning sessions.  First steps included reaffirming Building Solid Foundations’ mission, and defining its values and development principles. As a result of this comprehensive process, on October 8, 2014, the board of directors adopted a cohesive and ambitious three-year strategic plan that supports its mission, values, and development principles.  The strategic plan serves as reinforcement of our commitment to the people of rural Ghana.

Mission: What We Do

Building Solid Foundations improves the quality of life in rural Ghana by working in partnerships with Ghanaians to build capacity and self-sufficiency in the areas of water, sanitation, health, education, and economic development.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Partnership
  • Transparency
  • Education
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Adherence to the Strategic Plan
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Faith-based
  • Welcoming to all who support our Mission

Development Principles

  1. Development begins with these basics:
    • An adequate water supply
    • Working sanitation systems
    • Quality medical and educational systems
    • Expanding agricultural capabilities
    • Sound plans for economic development
  2. All projects include Ghanaians as equal partners with an emphasis on Ghanaian self-sufficiency and sustainability.
  3. Building Solid Foundations is in Ghana to teach as well as to learn.

The Strategic Plan

From the initial survey, the board identified capacity building as the priority for our work in Ghana. Capacity building includes identifying resources both in the United States and in Ghana. By utilizing these resources, BSF’s programs will be prioritized though specific, measurable goals.

This strategic plan reaffirms Building Solid Foundations’ commitment to excellence in through bold initiatives that support clearly articulated goals, professional credibility, experience in delivering humanitarian aid, respect for cultural differences, and organization strength.


Trevor King Memorial Laboratory

Trevor King was born in India, spent his youth in Ghana, before returning to India as a student at St. Joseph’s Boys School.

After moving permanently to the US, Trevor met and married his wife Doris. He founded Citland International, an Atlanta, Georgia-based company in 1989. Citland International provides equipment and services to the mining industry.

Trevor visited Africa frequently for work and these visits kept Africa, and Ghana in particular, in his heart.

Trevor King died on January 10, 2012 and his family chose to honor his life and to continue his efforts to impact the lives of people around the world by making a $25,000 gift to

Building Solid Foundations in order to renovate and equip the laboratory at the Apam Catholic Hospital.

This remarkable gift will fund improvements to the laboratory physical space, installation of new laboratory equipment, and training for hospital personnel. “We are working with Worldwide Lab Improvement, Inc. to fine-tune our selection of laboratory equipment and supplies so that everything is appropriate for the needs of medical personnel working in Apam, Ghana,” said Building Solid Foundations’ Board Member Dr. Rich Kurz.

“I can’t imagine a more fitting tribute to Trevor’s memory,” said Doris King during a recent conversation with Building Solid Foundations’ Executive Director Grace Quartey.

The Apam Catholic Hospital in Apam, Ghana.
The Apam Catholic Hospital in Apam, Ghana.