Apam Community Cold Store Business Plan

Francis Yawson, President of the Rotary Club of Apam, and Steve Shellenberger, Building Solid Foundations Board Chair were present as Apam’s District Chief Executive of Theophilus Aidoo-Mensah, signed the Apam Community Cold Store Business Plan. 

The purpose of the Apam Community Cold Store (formerly known as the Apam Fish Storage Freezer) is to stabilize the amount of fish in the community and provide a storage option for fishermen when supply exceeds demand.  A series of freezers will be available for fishermen to store fish for future sale or transport out of Apam.  In addition, block ice machines will create ice blocks for preserving fish while out on the sea.

Upon deposit of the fish into the Apam Fish Storage Freezer, the fisherman will make a down payment on the storage fee.  Upon withdrawal of the fish, the remainder of the fee will be tendered.  The fee is based on both the amount of fish in storage and the length of time spent in the freezer.  All ice will be paid in full at the point of sale.

Building Solid Foundations is approaching this project as both an economic development project and a humanitarian mission in the town of Apam.

The full Business Plan is attached.

AFSF Business Plan

Apam Community Coldstor